Friday, August 13, 2010

Jaebriya say what?

As the mother of a Xander, a Hylan, and a Declan, I get my fair share of, "What was that name again?" "How do you spell that?" and "Did you make that up?" I, of course, did not make up any of their names. Xander is short for Alexander. We found Hylan on a headstone in a family cemetery, and Declan we got from the movie, Leap Year. So there you have it. My children's names are pretty normal, even spelled normally. These next ones...not so much.

Phylishia (made funnier bc her middle name is Lesha; go ahead, say it together.)
Demond (yet another variant of demon or devil; parents, you're just sealing your child's behavior fate when you give 'em a name like that)
Johnique (similar to one of my personal faves, Uniqua)
Lazariah (if you want to give your children a name from the Bible, just do it straight folks)
Teshuihna (I'll give you a dollar if you can pronounce this one and have the child say you're right.)
Dajai (middle name Jai, uh-huh)

There you have it, my annual name list, but I have one last one to add. While I was in the hospital I was discussing names with a nurse when she gave me these two. There were two cousins born close together. The first was named Tequilla which is pretty common. I even went to high school with one, but can you guess what the next baby was named? Margarita? No, too easy. Champagne? uh-uh. They named that poor little baby TeVodka.

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Maggie said...

Oh dear. I enjoyed that. Kennon is a little bit of a different name,not THAT different, you say it like it's spelled "Ken-on." But I can't tell you how many times he's been called
'Keenan,' 'Kenyan,' or 'Cannon.'